inhabit/infest is an intervention into the unusual interior architecture of the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts. The Center’s art gallery is carved out with rectilinear shapes and columns that are unconventionally interspersed with small nooks and alcoves. This site-specific installation connects its ceilings, walls and niches with a system of organic forms.  Here large and misshapen latex tubes, elongated and inflated volumes, originate from, project towards, and interweave with, the building’s irregular anatomy.

inhabit/infest suggests another structure for the Center, and one that is only partially revealed to us. The skin-like semi-translucent volumes that seem to go through as well as around the barriers of the building confuse biology and architecture, space and circulation. Inhabit/infest implies that the Center is more than an edifice for art and culture; it is a living organism that we, too, are a part of. It begs questions of inside and outside, structure and relation, life and habitat.

Production Team: Lucy Derikson, Caitlin Driver, Rachel Kedinger
Photography: Naomi Shersty

Special thanks to: Jim Charles, Erik Darbo, Frankie Flood, Kevin Giese, Joe Grennier, Sarah Holden, Jennifer Johung, Bruce Knackert, Scott Kraehnke , Foster Slip, Nathaniel Stern, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Art and Design

Materials: latex, plexiglas, air

25 images, 2011