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Plastic Bag Wearable Series - Fabricated, Crocheted, Woven

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Durational Installation Project at Lynden Sculpture Garden

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Black Work

Plastic Bag Wearable Series - Making plant-like jewelry

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on function

Curatorial Project at Institute of Visual Art

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The Decorative Impulse thumbnail image

The Decorative Impulse

Curatorial Project at Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum

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Strange Vegetation thumbnail image

Strange Vegetation

site-specific intervention, a "breathing" latex organism

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infest/inhabit thumbnail image


site specific inflatable latex installation at Wilson Center for the Arts

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Falling Still thumbnail image

Falling Still

installation in collaboration with Nathaniel Stern

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balloon mouth piece series thumbnail image

balloon mouth piece series

inflatable sculptural objects and installation

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mouth piece series thumbnail image

mouth piece series

a collection of rubber and porcelain sculptural objects

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SGS/HED series thumbnail image

SGS/HED series

a collection of sculptural body extensions and objects

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pearl necklace series thumbnail image

pearl necklace series

jewelry that explores the cultural meaning of pearls

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pearl clasp neclace series thumbnail image

pearl clasp neclace series

jewelry based on an image of a traditional pearl clasp

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scope series thumbnail image

scope series

jewelry that explores the cultural function of adornment

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we thumbnail image


installation in collaboration with Mat Rappaport and Dale Kaminski

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liminal thumbnail image


installation in collaboration with Jennifer Gutowski

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repine thumbnail image


installation in collaboration with Jennifer Gutowski

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